Where Art Meets Fashion

Clothing that is confident, individual and assertive…just like the designer…just like the wearer!

As each aka product is unique, all clothing shown here is either available or an example of a piece that will be made to order.
All made to order items are the same design but with an AKA twist; so when you open your parcel expect a little AKA tweak maybe a pocket or a colour.
Please allow 1-3 weeks for your special purchase.

  • Designed For You

    AKA creates fashion that can be worn on the daily. Designed with functionality and permanence in mind.

    When you’re ready to stand out in every crowd and you are comfortable with people telling you how fabulous you look, then its time to get AKA'D.
    Contact us today and lets get started!

  • Made in WA

    AKA is extremely proud to source everything in Western Australia. From purchasing fabric, to screen printing to hand painting and all seamstress work; everything from conception to completion happens in my studio in Perth also known as my happy place. Ensuring quality and peace of mind.

  • One Size Fits All

    Size PERFECT! From the beginning it was imperative that AKA did not focus on size. This was to be unique clothing for EVERYBODY.

    Our clothes are sexy and feminine, without being fitted. Of course you may be more comfortable in certain pieces, but we are confident there really is something for EVERYBODY.